Project 365: Week 34


All my boys on the couch!


Shade loved the idea of me working on Sunday Afternoon, my desk provided a cool place to sleep and someone to pet him!


New Beary, got stitched up today and Asher played and played until he pulled another squeaker out of Beary’s arm…he under went surgery for the second time in a week.


Huey loves his hut. Thanks to everyone (Haley and Mom) that convinced me to get one! Best $5 cat toy on the market!


I almost peed, I was so excited for rain!


I gave in and bought a Kelly Moore bag for my camera. It looks so much nicer than the ugly male camera bags on the market and I have to say I feel very comfortable with using this for my camera. It maybe the safest camera bag on the market! Plus I can use it as a purse/camera bag on all day shoots!


Asher was SO tired at the end of the week, just like his momma. We were ready for the weekend!


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