Love & Envelopes Birthday Club

I am a proud member of the Love & Envelopes Birthday Club! 🙂 But my birthday was forgotten on the July list so I was included with the August group! It’s tough having a birthday in Summer. You usually get forgotten between the vacations, activities and hustle and bustle of the new year ahead of them. So when I was forgotten off the list, I wasn’t as disappointed as I was when I was a child.

I got this fun card from Kim at Party of 5 and counting!

And I got this beautiful card from Beth at dot…in the city!

She also sent me this fun pendant! I immediately put it on because the bead matched my shirt! Thanks Beth!

Meg at Flawed Perfection sent me a pair of her beautiful mini cluster earrings in pink! {which i adore!} Thanks Meg!

So even though my birthday was forgotten in July, it was even sweeter in August! Thank You girls! 🙂

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