Project 365; Week 33


Nap time Huey!


Asher is tired after a trip to Petco!


Huey playing with his kong kitty kickeroo!


the back of Asher’s head…silly boy!


my aromatherapy garden is growing!


Laser kitten eyes!


Too hot to play outside so we nap inside!




2 thoughts on “Project 365; Week 33

  1. I love the pictures of your Catahoula! I have herding dogs too … do you do any herding with your dog? What’s he like to live with? Just curious, as I live in the Northeast and you don’t see very many Catahoula dogs around here! Cute kitties too! 🙂

    • Sadly Asher is contained to hiking, trail exploration, and swimming (he is a great retriever) no herding for him. If he does herd anything it’s our feral cats outside and they hate it when he rounds them up into the middle of the yard. Although I have been trying to convince my husband we need a few sheep or a goat or two…He isn’t convinced. 🙂 Asher is a great dog and very loyal, he is usually in the same room as me and waits on me for commands. He listens well but can be a bit stubborn which is apart of the breed. I would get a second catahoula or any cur for that matter in a heart beat! Sadly most people don’t know about the breed or the work required for one.

      By the way, Asher LOVES his kitties! He baby sits our little kittens so well! and they treat him like a momma, they mimic him and replicate what he does! It’s quiet cute!

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