Inspiration Workshop, Week 8 {my inspiration}

my inspiration…

my mom is an amazing source of inspiration. she is constantly encouraging me to pursue my dreams and to take leaps of faith! she reminds me i can do anything. thanks mom


another source of inspiration is

my dad. of course he is inspirational, he worked so hard for haley and i to have what we needed and provided a source of discipline, love and guidance. thanks dad!

in terms of photography here is some of my inspiration;

Dane+Dane Photography, this is a huge source of pet photography inspiration! To capture their tiny {and huge} hearts in a photograph is magical!

Abigail Criner Photography, I know Abbey personally and she is not only a wonderful photographer but she really does have the sweetest heart. She is truly a source of inspiration for anyone in portrait photography!

Fisher Hart Photography, specializes in architectural and interiors photography. It is through photography of a space we can experience it without being in it. Capturing the personality of the home owner and how they live.

5 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop, Week 8 {my inspiration}

    • Our pup is now 9 months old! It seems just like yesterday we were small enough to carry and snuggle on the couch with! Now we are 45-50 lbs of mass and can only snuggle really well on the floor! Thinking about it I should have my pup on my blog as my inspiration to be the person he sees me. I love my pup! Thank you so much for your comment and stopping by! Have a Blessed day!

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