Birthday Week

My Birthday was last monday!

I turned 25….


The Saturday before my birthday me grandparents came down and we went to the Elite {i like this place can you tell?} and then to the Martin Art Museum at Baylor to see the American Watercolor Association Show. My grandmother had a friend and fellow artist paint a river rock like Sherwin, it nearly brought me to tears.

So last week, my super sweet husband took me out to Pei Wei, a favorite of ours! He let me do all the ordering; Sweet & Sour Chicken, Crab Wontons, and I got a lemonade to drink! If you knew how tight we stay on budget, you would know ordering a drink with a meal is a big deal for us! He also gave me the last book to the reluctant demon series, The Redeemer. He is super sweet. On tuesday we went with friends to our dollar theatre to see Thor and then to Katie’s for frozen custard! {Very Good}

On Friday we went to my parent’s house to see them and have a weekend away. Mom got me a pound cake and made me a raspberry topping, along with whip cream and a candle of course.

Doesn’t it look delish?! {it was!}

On Saturday, mom and I first went up to the pool. We swam and relaxed for about an hour before laying out for 15 minutes or so. Then we went to Mineola, Texas to antique shop and get out of the house. We saw some good finds but also some expensive antiques. Like a Kodak Brownie 2A, in near perfect condition that had the box and instruction manual with it. Really wish I had bought that one.

Mom and dad gave me a wonderful belated Birthday weekend. They got me a starter Pandora bracelet with 3 charms, a new vera bag and wallet. {Super excited!}

Thanks Mom and Dad! i love you!

Birthday Girl Antique Shopping!

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