Inspiration Workshop; Week 7 {sunshine}

i love being out in the sun. i feel energized and like a kid again. i love to see how happy asher is when we go out into the backyard when it is full of sun in the morning. it warms me to the core and brings out the youthful, play in the sun all day, don’t go in until we have watched the sunset.

for this post i have decided to post my favorite images with the sun…

 I took this at the 1st Baylor Baseball game we went to, Baylor vs Pacific University. Loved the sunsetting in the background!

I took this last summer for Katie and Jeff, who pastor at FBC Crawford.

This is Miss Fiona. We had a session last week and the morning sun was just too beautiful not to capture!

Something else I think of when I hear sunshine is my sister. When we were both living at home when we got up in the mornings at least someone in the house would tell us, “Good Morning SunShine!” we didn’t always want to hear it, you know how teenage girls are, but sunshine reminds me of that. We still say that when we are all together on a vacation or at our parent’s house for the weekend.


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