Trip {lake jackson, texas}

Last weekend we took a trip to   and Lake Jackson to see family and celebrate Grandpa Clarke’s memory. Before heading to Houston, hubs and I stopped in Austin to drop off his laptop to get fixed at the Apple Store before his applecare warranty was up. We then headed to Houston on 290. After arriving, checking into our hotel and catching a ride to downtown with our Uncle R, we met with hubs mom and dad and aunts, uncle and cousin and had dinner at the Flying Saucer. {I had my 1st glass a beer that night!} We all had tickets to the Houston Symphony to see the performance of The Who‘s songs. We didn’t realize this meant there would be a cover band, and sadly we couldn’t hear much of the Symphony at all.

The next morning we got up and caught a ride again this time to Lake Jackson to honor the memory of Travis’ grandfather. We went to a place that is special to him and his wife and very special to everyone with the Clarke name. We honored him by remembering all the things he had taught us and the memories we held of him and his life. Travis gave a special prayer and we drank OJ, his favorite drink in his last days.

We left that afternoon after having a wonderful lunch with family and sorting through the last items of Grandpa’s. On this trip we acquired a Super 8 projector and film, a few books and 2 pieces of Wedgwood. It was after we left that things got interesting. Somewhere in Brenham on 290 we took a wrong turn…yep…and didn’t realize it for a LONG time. We had to pull out the paper map because there is no 3G service out there. And even got pulled over when we were almost within reach of the Austin City Limit! We were given a warning, I think the trooper wanted the car in front of us that turned off and he seemed to laugh when we told him we took a wrong turn and were lost. {it may have helped that i had the map out} But we finally made it back to the Domain and picked up Travis’ laptop. If it weren’t for that laptop we would have never been going through Austin in the 1st place, and therefore it was the laptop’s fault that we got lost.


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