Inspiration Workshop; Week 6 {pamper me}

well, what inspires me to pamper me is my mound of laundry, dirty dishes and everyone demanding something out of me. but my favorite form of pampering that inspires me is a hot bath with bubbles. door shut & no one talking to me. i love mary kay’s satin hands, have you ever used this stuff? not only is it great for hands but it’s wonderful on my feet! {a pedicure at home!}

now this place is supposed to be awesome. they even do multiples massages, so i could get a massage in the same room with hubs or have a girls spa day! if your in texas, this comes highly recommended by many people.

honestly, i did not care for this prompt. i know there are lots of ways to pamper myself but it’s no good unless you get some help every now and again. the honest to God best way to be pampered and loved was if i came home from work and hubs had already put the dishes away and had dinner thawing for me. is that too much to ask for? and a little understanding every now and then that i am tired after working for 8 hours and i don’t want to do anything. no cooking, cleaning, watching tv. i want to sit and talk about my day and i want to vent all the crap that is happening because i cannot relax until it is all aired out. i feel pretty pampered when me and my girlfriend Ashley meet up for starbucks once a month. there we can vent and talk until our husbands are begging us to come home. we both don’t care for here and are looking forward to the next step in life, whatever it maybe.


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