Project 365; Week 26

This is the end of our 30 day challenge. Enjoy!



Day 25; Something Pink

The underside of my roses were Bright Pink, my hubs did a great job picking them out for me.


Day 26; close up

picked up fresh bell peppers today at the grocery store, shooting vegetables always reminds me of being in High School and shooting bell peppers while studying Edward Weston6-27-11

Day 27; From a distance

We feed several feral cats that live in our neighborhood. They don’t trust us a whole lot, so we have to keep our distance.


Day 28; Flower

My mum bush is blooming, strangely enough.


Day 29; Black and White

I admit I did make this a black and white photo but my tub is white tile and Shade is black. {in the color version you can see Shade is sticking his tongue out at us!}


Day 30; Self Portrait

The last day of our challenge! {I really want to get better at self portraiture but it’s frustrating when I can’t use my tripod or have a remote…}


Hello July! Today we headed to Houston, after a detour in Austin, to meet up with family and go to the Houston Symphony. We had dinner at the Flying Saucer where I had my 1st glass of beer! Thanks to my FIL and UIL and our waitress for helping me find one I would enjoy!

{By the way we are half way through the year!}

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