Inspiration Workshop, Week 5 {Bathrooms/Waterclosets}

the bathroom or if your proper, the water closet. do i even want to know how much time we spend in this space in the course of a life time? our current bathroom situation has been pretty sad since we have been married, 3 apartments and a house later and we have only had 1 bathroom to share in all of them. our dream is 2 bathrooms. one where i can indugle myself in girly pink, sassy things and one where travis can leave all his many razors out. our current bath has little to no storage and you can forget about being in there at the same time to brush teeth or anything else for that matter.

this is a great manly bathroom, i would ditch the vessel sink for the submerged traditional type and would throw in some green or gray rugs. otherwise, this is manly. i would get rid of the tub for a glass shower. nothing frilly, girly or sassy about it. all i ask is he puts the seat down and cleans the shower.  another reason i love this space is the storage under the sink. don’t get me wrong, pedastal sinks are cute but there is no storage. and baskets with your stuff are exposed and get dusty…more to clean…

this is my ideal, mainly due to the vanity. it’s so beautiful, contemporary and feminine. i would love a ball and claw tub with shower attachment and wrap around curtain as well instead of the glass shower. i would also love an arrangement of peonies on my vanity (day dreaming now).  would maybe consider a vessel sink in my girly, frilly, sassy bathroom…only so long as it didn’t consume to much counter space with is also minimal in our current situation! i am going to be bold here and tell you something else i would want in my bathroom, a bidet. yep i said it. the bidet and the toilet would be in their own seperate enclosed area. i hate walking into a beautiful bathroom to have an exposed toilet. personal prefrence.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Workshop, Week 5 {Bathrooms/Waterclosets}

  1. Thanks Kelly for dropping by. I love the pink one too, kind of a last minute add to have a featured image but I am loving that color. I think rooms should POP with color. Especially a girly bathroom!

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