{future} Summer 2012

Well, here it goes. Travis is “supposed” to graudate in Decmeber from Truett Seminary. I know! Finally! 3.5 years later he will have his MDiv and hopefully be done with school for a while. Now on to the question everyone has been asking.

“What are you doing next?”

We have gone over the possibilities so many different ways and talked about all the things we want to do next. In the beginning we discussed having children after Truett…but we are going to wait. {sorry mom!} Giving us time to hang out and act like we are dating all over again. We also talked about Travis going to get his PhD, which he would like to get one day. And I don’t blame him, it is an achievement and would make his father proud. But I think we are going to take time off from school, although I would love to go back and get my Masters!

No, right now we are looking forward and there is nothing out there to stop us. We are young, strong couple and ready to make the next step in our journey. We are going to move to the Pacific Northwest.

Crazy, right?!

You have no idea how excited we are about this! In one year we will pack up and head that direction. I am already beginning to envision what ClarkeStudio will look like! Hopefully becoming my full time job! I am going to be doing some crazy readings on photography and business and graphic design…maybe some good ole interior design too!

Some people have told me and Travis that up and moving to the other side of the country is stupid. At the moment we have no jobs there, or friends. We don’t know the area and I’m not sure how our southern hospitality will be accepted. We are coming from a completely different culture than where we are going and I have never moved this far away from home before. The climate will be totally different and I am pretty sure I’ll need a new wardrobe. 🙂

All I want from my friends and family is understanding that this is a time for Travis and I to figure out what we want to do and where we want to be. Just because you love where you are at doesn’t mean this is where we want/need to be. I understand you love us {we love you too!} and are going to miss us but imagine how much more special our times will be when we see each other! Plus with skype and facetime it’s like we are right there all the time any how! These are not excuses to move away from family but reasons to be comforted with our new journey!

We are excited about this new journey. Won’t you join us in this experience?

By the way, if you live in the Pacific Northwest area…Cali to Washington…let me know! I’d love to meet you when we get to that part of the country!

Please be in prayer for us for the next year, for direction and guidance. We thank you so much for this and hold each of you {family and friends} near to our hearts and in our prayers.


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