Inspiration Workshop, Week 4 {how to spend the afternoon}

oh summer.

oh my.

how many different ways are there to be inspired to spend the afternoon? too many to count. for me and my family {me, hubs and Asher} this means spending the afternoon/evening at the lake with friends, swimming and eating and getting outside! being in central texas this also means we stay inside for most of the day until we are confident the sun is going down and it will begin to cool off from the 102-105 days we have been experiencing.  Asher spends his afternoons inside on the floor asleep, frankly this is also a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, napping! it’s also my hubs favorite way to spend the afternoon.

during the hottest part of the day i enjoy getting on my laptop and blogging…like right now…i also process orders and do the desk work part of my photog business. sadly this is also the perfect time of the day to get some chores done…like the towels in the dryer that are calling out to me. and i desperately need to vacuum my living room!

but my favorite way is to be at the park/lake at the end of a day. enjoying what we can of the day without looking like well done bacon. which is very easy to do in texas in the summer, sadly we began our summer very very hot which will make for a long long hot summer, maybe into October.

{today is hubs and my 4th wedding anniversary!}


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