Project 365; Week 24


Day 11; Something Blue

My BRIGHT blue pot with my hoja sits on my dining room table, in my BRIGHT red dining room!


Day 12; Sunset


Day 13; me with 13 things

1- Ansco Camera 2- Film Developer tank 3- play doh 4- a cross from Ecuador 5-a sailor Pink VS dog from college 6- a rock painted as a toad 7- a rock from the Dead Sea 8- a house/roof model from Interior Design class in college {Books} 9- Sex God by Rob Bell 10-Building Jewish in the Roman East 11- Dog Training 12- Meyer’s House cleaning tips and tricks and last but not least 13- my retro Baylor suitcase found in an antique shop in Corsicana, Texas


Day 14; Eyes

Asher was like, “What in the world are you doing with that camera so close to my face?!”


Day 15; Silhouette

Charlie in the window


Day 17; Long Exposure

I thought about doing the flashlight thing, the sparkler thing (although we are in a burn ban) and the street car thing. I really wanted to do restraunt neon lights but I found out the hard way that my boot for my camera to my tripod was stolen when the house was robbed…


Day 17; technology

Next to my camera this is my favorite piece of technology…ok maybe my iPhone is…I love it all!


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