Inspiration Workshop, Week 3 {Green}


Coming from an artistic point of view Green is the color neutral as my grandmother calls it. It goes with everything and looks good on everyone…depending on tone of course. In my second apartment with my husband I had a lovely green living room, my deep purple sofa looked so bright next to those walls. {I would post a pic but I lost the photos when my computer was stolen in December} Sadly, I haven’t painted any of the walls in our rent house green, although our Master would be a lovely green room. {it is currently baby blue} I love green, it’s fresh, clean and open, it can be regal and calming, green soothes us after it’s complimentary red. Here is a beautiful green space I have found.


Another reason I love green rooms/walls/interiors is darks and lights can pop with such natural expectations. This space reminds me of the outdoors, the natural wood and light are inviting and comforting. I feel a sense of belonging to this space. I want to explore it.

Another perception of green is living style.

I have to admit I have been a tree hugger since my arms where long enough to reach all the way around. In high school I was a member of the ffa, yes i know…any how as a member of ffa I partook of the Spring teams of which I was a member of the Horticulture team. I could name {scientific and common} and identify 100 state {Texas} plants. I could judge a plant as to which would be the best candidate for purchase based on formation and could pick out a landscape design plan without hinderance. My love of plants has not faded with age, I just don’t like to get to dirty. We are currently growing Squash, Zucchini and Chives. I have also created a wonderful compost pile in the back of our yard. It took some time to develop but is quickly showing it’s growth. I have planted gladioli and lilies in front of it and they are thriving! I think, and this is my opinion, but composting and recycling can save the world. Growing a few of your own veggies has to be the healthiest thing in the world to do and eat.

{I would have posted a beautiful photo of my lovely compost pile…but this week got ahead of me…so in the mean time enjoy this site on Composting!}

One thought on “Inspiration Workshop, Week 3 {Green}

  1. I love your perspective on the color green! I never realized it is a color that does go well with everything. I have a lot of green accents in my home and I love the thought of painting a wall green. I also love the picture of the doorway… so earthy and full of natural light!

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