Inspiration Workshop, Week 2 {Kitchens}


This Week our prompt was {Kitchens}. Now after going to school for Interior Design and working with a high-end residential designer for 3 months right out of school, I have seen my share of gorgeous kitchens! But this one tops it! Not only do I LOVE Green, this kitchen would be BEAUTIFUL in any color! And if Traditional/Transitional isn’t your style, get rid of the shabby chic looking cabinets. Add contemporary lighting fixtures and pop it with more contemporary accessories!


I love the electic look of this kitchen. The natural wood tones plus the BRIGHT yellow and Pink and the variety of accessories in this kitchen make it very appealing to the eye! I love the combination of colors and materials! I also really love the different colors/finishes on the appliances (range is black while the dishwasher is stainless steel). To bad we can’t see the rest of the kitchen to know the layout but the never-ending colors and finishes give us plenty to ponder about!

Our current kitchen (in a rent house, built-in the 40’s or 50’s) has little to no counter space…and the layout is very very odd. I would LOVE to paint it but this seems like a horrible time-consuming task! I’d love to paint the cabinet doors brownish and keep the cabinet bodies white. Then paint the walls YELLOW! {At least it would match the counter tops!} When we move in a year, fingers crossed, we will get a kitchen with cabinet space and counter space! At least enough that all the kitchen stuff could be stored in the kitchen!


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