Project 365: Week 22

I can’t believe it’s the end of May…Beginning of June! I love summer, it reminds me being young. Things to do, people to see, new bathing suits, getting sun burned, floating the river, not fixing your hair or wearing make up, staying up late, having friends over, cooking out, baseball, etc. + our Anniversary {4 years!} and our birthdays, me = 25 this year and hubs will be 26! Look for posts on all 3 of these! So this week!


Shade is getting so big! For some reason my DSLR has trouble focusing on Shade in photos, I think because he is black it wants more light…


Shade was looking out the window as our new neighbors moved in. He loved sitting on the back of the couch and watching the outside. Travis came home today from Africa…and Paris…but he is home!


Sadly, today we lost the little striped kitten this morning. Tomorrow, this little guy goes to the vet. Hoping for a good report so he can snuggle with Shade.


Today the other stray kitty went to the vet. All healthy! And I made HOMEMADE whipped cream, topped with Fresh Berries! Yumm! Tomorrow I begin a 30 day photo challenge!

This is the Photo Challenge I will be following for the month of June! Feel Free to join in!

June 1

Day 1, Self Portrait

Here are Asher and I in the backyard!

I have 2 photos today!


Day 2 What I wore today! My top and Jeans are from Old Navy. My necklace is from Claire’s from about 4 years ago, my earrings from Flawed Perfection jewelry, and my headband from Gussy Sews!

{PS did you notice my too cool logo? yep that is new too!}


Day 3 Clouds!

But we didn’t have any today, it’s summer in Texas. The only time we have clouds is before a thunderstorm and none are predicted for today!


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