Project 365: Week 21


I thought today was supposed to be Doomsday. But since the world didn’t come to an end, I will maybe see how much these agility classes are for Asher.


He fell asleep in my lap! Of course this is the photo of the day!


We were watching the tree men turn branches to saw dust. Isn’t this the cutest look ever. It’s a bit blurry but I love it! PS we found more itty bitty kitties on our front porch last night. And my Big heart good natured person in me says,”You can’t leave those poor babies out there!” So now I have 2 more 6-8 week old kittens that need homes.



Shade and Asher, one of the most priceless photos ever


Went back to the Doc today, still not sure whats wrong. I am going to stay on a strict diet of only good stuff, natural, organic stuff to see if processed foods are the problem. This is really weird and I hate, HATE being sick. Asher helped me nap today. Such a good napping partner!


Here are my stray kittens eating dinner. They are so cute, they cry for Asher and I now!


Asher and I are SO ready for Travis to be home!


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