Business Advice…

This is on the Blog and thought I would share. I need to post some of these in MY office so that I can remember to be true to myself and my business!

– “The best piece I ever got was, ‘Even the smallest step gets you closer to your goal” – Caroline Tien – Spalding

– “First step to learning something new is telling your pride it’s OK to make a mistake” – Renae Lamb

– “In the photography business I am forever being told to make friends with my competitors! That might sound a little strange, but working this way we all share work around and I know I have plenty of individuals whose knowledge I can learn from” – Charlotte Bellamy

– “Never underestimate after sales service!” – Gail Herbert

– “Every. Word. Matters.” – Christine Barker

– “Do what makes you happy because only then will you succeed” – Debbie Steele

– “Word of mouth [advertising] is best; it’s honest and if you’re good, everyone will know it. I was also told, ‘Never let a bad review keep you down’ – Anita Brooke-Shantz

– “When you’re selling handmade, don’t be afraid to charge what your time is really worth. Many people associate quality with price, so don’t undersell yourself.” –Frayed Fuzzies

– “Say yes to projects a little outside your comfort zone, and challenge yourself. You never know where opportunities might lead.” – Faye Brown

– “Trust your instinct because no one knows what you’re trying to achieve better that you do!” – Amanda Baker

– “Always recognize how many hats you can really wear. As a small business owner you find yourself trying to do everything on your own to save on expenses but two negatives can come out from that… either you’re going to burn out or your business is going get hurt due to inexperience. So be true to yourself and your talents. Learn when it’s time to hire help.” – Earthly Beginnings

– “I met Zig Ziglar in 1994. We were discussing his latest book. He said, ‘Always remember, failure is an event, not a person.’ This has helped me fight through temporary setbacks and press forward to future successes.” – Dan Apgar

– “You can learn more about your business from your customers than anyone else.” – Fi Shush

– “Everybody has a product or service to sell. Figure what makes yours unique.” – Macey Snelson

– “If you wait until everything is perfect, you’ll never start. Just start.” – Kyle Napoli


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