Project 365: Week 20


I love my goof ball! This is his, “why on earth are you making that sound?” look! We were hanging out in the backyard while Travis worked on HW for his class in North Africa this week!


Today we dropped Travis off at school and then he headed to the Airport to go to North Africa. I then took Shade to the Vet for his 1st round of shots then I brought Shade home and took ASher with me to Petsmart, he LOVES to go shopping with me. We got lots of goodies for his kitties and for him! Then I began to clean up around the house. This involved getting all of the “pet towels” out of the dryer, which Asher thought meant he could lay on them collectively. We then decided Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest and napped for the next 2 hours.


Shade, he loves to play in the laundry basket! He is getting quiet big, about 3x as big as he was when we first found them. My mom is growing more and more attached to Spot which she has named Avery. Pretty sure he has a home!


Shade admires Asher so much and Asher takes care of Shade. They will be partners in crime when Shade is bigger.




Shade got a new toy tonight. Here is an action shot of him attacking it!


I was so sick today, and the Dr gave me some tips on getting better. Besides I had this appointment for a while and I hate to wait to get my haircut. And if the world is going to come to an end tomorrow, I need a new do.

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