Trip to Washington DC: Part 2


If it wasn’t for the fact that we had an appointment/scheduled tour of the Library of Congress we may have slept in a bit. But we honor our commitments. So we were up about an hour later than we planned {the alarm didn’t go off} but still made it out to DC on time. I have to say security was not terrible in DC but it made you feel safe. Our tour of the Library of Congress was interesting but I was really hoping to see something AMAZING, like only 4 people in the world knows this exists or that we have it. But sadly we didn’t see anything that cool. We did see a Guetenburg Bible and the only portrait made of Beethoven. I did find it interesting that Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys has donated his private book collection to the Library of Congress to help rebuild the original books donated by Thomas Jefferson { + 1 Million}, thanks Jerry!

So below are some more photos from the Library of Congress. I decided to watermark all these so no one could steal them as their own, although I’m sure no one would EVER do such a thing. 🙂

After the Library of Congress we visited the Holocaust Museum. We tried to visit there on Thursday but all the tickets where gone for the day. So when we got there about 11 am we were able to get tickets to see the main exhibit at 1 pm. So, we ate lunch and watched a Video on the Nazi Propaganda and walked the exhibit, it was interesting. I am pretty sure I could have taken photos in the exhibit but out of respect, choose not to. I did find it interesting how different the US Holocaust museum was from the Jerusalem Yad Vashem Holocaust museum in Jerusalem. We spent several hours walking through the exhibit. After the Museum we headed to the Zoo for a quick visit to see the Pandas!

 I put together this little storyboard. Of course the Pandas were asleep inside when we came but we did have a good time watching the Red Pandas, which apparently Travis had never seen or heard of. And then we stopped to see the Cheetahs because “they are the coolest cats on earth,” so says my hubs! We then took a quick trip up to see the White House.

After we saw the White House we got back on the metro and went back to the hotel. We were tired and hand a fun relaxing dinner in the restaurant on top of the hotel. We had a pretty good view of Washington DC and of course the Pentagon. It was literally right across the street from us!

One more exciting adventure in DC before we came back to Texas! Stay tuned!

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