Summer at Tiffany; a review

I received this book from my dear friend Kendra, who send it to me not long after our home was robbed over Christmas Break. She told me to make myself a hot tea and to sit down, relax and read! It has taken me longer than I planned but I finally took her up on it and relaxed long enough to finish this book.

In Summer at Tiffany‘s, I go back to my college days, living in the dorm or apartment and having enormous amounts of fun with my girlfriends and going out with Travis. Mind you I have only been out of school for 3 year but would go back in a heart beat… I loved reading about Marjorie’s adventures in a new city and working for one of the most amazing places in NYC! Her and her fling Jim and the adventures inside the Tiffany store.

If you have ever admired Tiffany jewelry, housewares etc or love a fun memoir, I recommend this book! It’s a fun light read and a great book to help you remember the best summer of your life!

I reviewed this book on my own and was not compensated by the publisher.


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