Mid May Kittens Update!

I know y’all have been anxious to hear about that litter of kittens we found in our yard over Easter weekend!

So here they are:

Shade, our kitten LOVES Asher!

Milo, My Sister Haley’s Kitten. He eats elbow deep in his foot and loves to hide under her chaise lounge!

Harper, My Friend and Sister Kendra’s Kitten. The only girl of the bunch she won’t sit still!

Avery, My Parent’s newest addition. I am not going to lie, I wasn’t sure he would make it but my mom is wonderful and has brought Avery back and he is growing nicely! He loves to chase after my parent’s 80 lbs lab mix and play with her feet and tail!

They are all about 8-10 weeks old now and can and will start going for their 1st shots. Shade already had his and he did NOT like it! He goes for his next shot at the beginning of June! Then he can start playing with Charlie! Avery is coming this weekend with mom and dad, I haven’t found a home for him but I’m pretty sure he has a good one right now!

Now we did loose one kitten, the Tabby named Darwin, a week after we brought them in. The vet at the Emergency Clinic said he could have passed away from a number of things and there is no way of knowing what it was.


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