Trip to Washington DC; Part 1

I am so going to throw my mom under the bus here but, I never went on the famed 8th grade trip to Washington DC. Why? Because my mom wanted us to go as a family. Those were great intentions that were never achieved. So, instead of going with my mom, dad and sister I went with my husband. {thanks Hubs!}

We knew ever since Salem began school at UNC Greensboro about 3 years ago that we would go to DC when she graduated. When it was coming upon us to make the decision to go or not we had our house robbed, and were trying to find a way to go to Israel over Spring Break and for Travis to go to North Africa later in May. We decided to only spend about 2.5 days in DC, see what we could and make a note of what we would want to come back and see later.

{By the way, Salem’s graduation was awesome! She gave a GREAT speech and graduated Summa Cum Laude!}

We rented a car in Greensboro to drive to DC, either plane or train or car the price was roughly the same and we would have the freedom to spot where and when we wanted by driving. We did spot a few times, once at the Virginia Welcome Center, CookOut burgers in Richmond and to get gas just outside of Richmond.

We arrived in DC around 3 pm and we left Greensboro around 8:30 am. This gave us plenty of time to see as many public monuments as we could while there was still light! First we headed down the Mall towards the Washington Monument. We arrived too late to go up but that was fine by me. I was SO disappointed to see the Reflection pool was under renovation, so there was a long mud pool there instead. We stopped at the World War 2 Memorial on our way to the Lincoln Memorial, very Grecian temple like if I do say so myself. Again, really cool.  {PS Night at the Museum 2 portrays all the museums and stuff like RIGHT there but in reality it is quiet a hike!} We then walked over and saw the Vietnam War Memorial, which was sad and horrible in its own way but really it was the Korean War Memorial that made me pause. It made me pause and reflect what the memorial stood for and that men died over there.

After that we got a map, go us! We walked through the FDR memorial which was cool. It is interactive, you walked around like a maze reading quotes from him about various topics. And it was there I am pretty sure we saw the 1st dog, Beau. Of course I don’t have a good picture to show you so, you just have to trust me ok?! Then we headed towards where the MLK Jr memorial would be, that will be worth going back to see when it opens in October…I think. We then headed to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, a great representation of the Federal style of Architecture and you can see the Greco-Roman influences!

When we finished at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial we began to think about dinner, the last thing we ate was a Cook Out Burger and Shake in Richmond. So Travis pulls out the iPhone and starts checking for food. Mind you it’s about 5:15 pm. Travis finds a Potbelly Sandwich shop on his food finding app, so we start that way then we pass it {DC has multiple levels and the map feature on the iPhone doesn’t help much in that situation} when we finally find it they are closed. So we head to the next place, again we pass it then get on the right level and find it but it’s too pricey for us and our wallets. So we head over to the Smithsonian’s, they have cafes but they are closed too. After walking about 5 too many blocks I am about to give up and go hungry for the evening. We are actually headed back to the metro station when we find a Pizza place, it’s now 8:30. They close at 9 but if we order quickly we can eat, so we order the 1st thing we agree on. {who’s ever heard of a restaurant closing at 9 but the kitchen closes 30 minutes before?!} We finally ate and then made it back to the hotel, our feet ached and we were tired and grouchy. After the problem of not finding any food in the touristy part of town I was ready to be done with this trip!

Stay tuned for more about our trip to Washington DC and TONS more photos!


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