Project 365: Week 19


At the Capitol Building in the Rotunda. I was being a bad tourist, not really paying much attaention to what our guide was saying because I was so focused on getting in the center of the Rotunda to get this photo!

Side Note: I am horrible with 8th graders. They have no appreciation for art and architecture.


Some how we managed to make it back to Texas, it took most of the day and we got a lot of bad advice on how to get to the airport…we almost missed our flight too. But we made it and were SO happy to see how big our little kittens had gotten!

{pssst! Spot, on the right still needs a home?!}


We made it back to our house this morning. Shade does not like car rides because he is confined to the crate. Asher was surprising good for such an early morning car ride. Shade loves to hang out with us on the couch! I am so ready for him to be big and vaccinated so he can run around the house and torment Asher and Charlie as much has he torments me! {he never stops crying!}


Speaking of Charlie, she loves to hang out with me in the bathroom in the mornings while I get ready for work. Asher usually tries to hang out in there with us but he is getting to big for the rugs and it’s hard walking around both of them…wait til Shade joins us!


Travis got a haircut today. Lookin good!


Shade LOVES to watch Asher, especially when he is chewing a bone or on his rope! It’s pretty stinking cute.


Shade gets to play with Asher a lot, at least when I am home. I have barricaded our back room so Shade can play with Asher and I sit there on the floor like a jungle jim for him to run around, jump over and play on!


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