Project 365: Week 17


Spending the Night at Grandma’s House (early Saturday Morning)


Meet Shade, Asher‘s new kitty. While I was away at Grandma’s House, Travis found a litter of 5 kittens in our backyard. The animal loving person that I am I couldn’t leave them outside. Luckily, they are all healthy as we found out from the vet on monday and are now looking for homes!


Asher is ready for summer! We got him a wet toy set today at target for $10, and it includes a Chunk it like thing to throw balls and footballs, now we need a pool!


Spring has arrived! My rose bush has bloomed for the 1st time this year and we had a wonderful and could have been potentially dangerous spring shower today!


I took Easter photos of all the kittens! Took them outside one by one and chased them around the yard hoping to get one clear photo of them! Asher wanted to help but then they would chase him! Everyone has a home except Spot and Lady!

{That is a lot of work for one photo!}


Homemade pizzas at Mi Casa tonight, yumm! Oh yeah and a tornado watch and thunder storm…we all thought we were going to die. But thankfully we had plenty of entertainment, a ghost story and shadow puppets to lighten the mood!


Today was a sad day. This evening we went to the W ice cream social, we had a good time and headed home about 9:30, when we arrived at home we noticed Darwin acting funny. It was strange as he had been a very promising and strong kitten. At the Emergancy Clinic we were told we could attempt to do things to save him but at this point there was a very very small chance of his survival. So we made the ultimate decision to end his pain.


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 17

    • Thank you for your condolences, we know we did the right thing and it was hard but better than him suffering through the night. We are being vigilant at keeping the kittens healthy and clean and hopefully all 4 will make it to adulthood and to good homes.

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