Kittens Update!

Well, we went to the vet today to find out if we were healthy or not…and…we are! Good bill of health! We are taking precautions incase of ringworm and have some meds for a digestive bug, but other than that we are good!

Now 2 of our 5 kitten have homes…

Lil Bit, Male, going to Haley

Shade, Male, Staying with us!

We still have 3 kittens that need homes! All we really ask is you get your animals fixed! We have too many feral cats around our home and are thankful we get the opportunity to save these lives by keeping them from reproducing!

This is a female tuxedo, she needs a home!

This is a Male Tuxedo, who also needs a home!

Tabby, Male,

We would really like these guys to go to people we know or someone you can trust. Although momma is a feral cat, these babies tested negative for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS. They are very lucky Travis found them and that we were able to bring them in and save them.

PS Asher loves them ALL!


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