Project 365: Week 16


Wow, was today busy! We ran errands early in the morning, went to a friend’s garage sale and snagged this awesome Kong dog bed for $10, went to The Bear Mountain and bought Asher a new Ruffwear collar, over to Mardels to pick up a few Bibles we had won through contests offered by Tyndale and then we rushed home to get Asher before going to his 11 am puppy class! Which we had another classmate join us, a 4 month old Bull Mastiff named Lady! This week we worked on Leave it, Take it, Drop it and Down in addition to Sit, Watch me and Loose Leach Walking. After our busy morning we came home and rested a while before Lindsey and he owners came over for an afternoon in the sun and lots of puppy playing! Needless to say but we were very very tired at the end of Saturday!


On Sunday, our church University Baptist Church Waco, Texas held their out door service at the Park, and we completed in the Mi Casa Olympics afterwards! Again a very tiring day! {this is my few from the shade}


Well, it is Monday…again. But I thought I would share some happiness with you on the most crummy day of the week. These are my bell pepper plants! Grown from the seed! And popping up like weeds! Soon I will separate them and plant them in a larger pot! I am so excited about my potted veggie garden! More photos to come this summer!


I would do almost anything for that face. In fact that face kept me from doing some homework the last couple of nights. Good for Asher, bad for Shelby.


Currently reading. Not a New York Times Best Seller but it passes the time. I’ll blog about it more later in the summer.


So I wanted to show you how BIG he has gotten, the top photo is from when he was 10 weeks old. The bottom, Thursday at 5 months old and thats the same bunny!


Friday was a long day, we visited the vet and then we drove up to Grandma’s house. This is Asher waiting patiently for me to throw the tennis ball. Her patio room has such excellent lighting!


One thought on “Project 365: Week 16

  1. Asher is getting so big! I love photos of them with as puppies and then later as they’ve grown with the same toys. It really does show how much they’ve grown.

    Yay for thrifty garage sale finds!

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