{Random} Thoughts

I want to read some classics this summer. So far on my list is Lord of the Flies and The Great Gatsby. Any other suggestions? What is your favorite classic read?


The last 2 days have been very dark and gloomy, of course it looks like rain and feels like sprinkling but no heavy down pours for us. My car really needs a bath but I hate to wash it to only have it rain.


It really bothers me how some people will say, “I am not a morning person.” But when you see them they are beaming and won’t shut up…just because they have one tough day a month where they can’t get out of bed they decide they aren’t made for mornings.


Since living in Waco, I think Travis and I have finally found a church we can call home. 3 churches later. Sadly we will be leaving in a year.


I want a mentor couple. A want a couple married for several years to mentor me and Travis. I think they could provide so much feedback and marriage information it would blow our minds. Mind you our parents are great but some times you need a 3rd party/non family perspective on life.


I am pretty sure Asher, doesn’t know his name.


Bought Mother’s Day cards the other day at Target. Think we will send them early this year.


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