Project 365: Week 15


Today we started our puppy class. We learned Watch Me and the beginnings of Loose Leash Walking! {yeah for learning!} We then came home for a 2 hour nap, apparently learning is tiring!


Today we had church, but after that Asher and I went on our regularly scheduled walk at Cameron Park. It was quiet warm so I let Asher cool off in the Brazos River, and after that he could care less about walking, all he wanted to do was play in the water! It tired him out through so I didn’t mind. He promptly received a bath upon our return home and slept quiet a bit after that!


Today my Mom came! After doing some repairs to the backyard we went to Chuy’s for dinner!


Me & my Momma! She is the most awesome person in the world! She put up a ceiling fan with my hubs in the morning while I was at work, then we went out to lunch and shopped at the Baylor Bookstore!


This is Asher’s friend Lucy! a 15 lb Jack Russell Terrier! She and my friend from HS, E , come over about once a week to run around in the backyard! Asher loves to play with another dog and I love it cause he sleeps so good that night!


Me! Not the most flattering photo, mind you I had been at work then to Dia, then home to shower and we were at Five Guys Burgers picking up dinner for Mi Casa when I realized I didn’t have a photo for the day! So this was very impromptu!


Asher is 5 months old today! Happy Birthday!


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 15

    • It’s really hard to take a photo a day, sounds easy but you really have to decide to take photos of the mundane everyday…I usually take 2-3 just in case I don’t like the 1st one! He is getting SO big! I can’t imagine how little he was the day I brought him home now! He was a mere 4.1 lbs! Now he is 30lbs!

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