Project 365: Week 14


Charlie had it rough today. She stayed inside while we did yard work ALL morning. It was so tough she had to take an afternoon nap.


I noticed last night when we came home from the Brandon Heath and Dave Barnes Concert at UBC my Zucchini had bloomed and it was an even bigger bloom before we went to church! Looking forward to the fruits of my labor!


Today is Haley’s 22nd Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!


Today Haley got her iPad, so we promptly arranged a Face Time Date! PS…we took Asher to the vet and not only is he a HUGE flirt with the Vet Tech‘s but we aren’t 100% sure he has allergies…we are going to do a slow food change hopefully the itching will at least minimize and the gas will stop too! (TMI i know…)


Playing Ball! Asher’s new favorite game now that it is warm and sunny outside!


New Head Harness, and I think this will work! Incase you don’t know Asher will choke himself to death if he could on a walk. Thus leading us to try almost every single collar for walking available to us at Petsmart. We finally asked the Vet Tech where we go and this Head Harness was suggested, they even helped us find the right fit and helped me get it on him! He left it alone practically the whole way home! It is amazing, I sure hope it keeps these magical like properties!


Today I picked some flowers from outside our building to put on my desk. Daisies are magical like that they bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Happy Weekend!


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