The King, a Review

The King, is the 3rd book in the Reluctant Demon Series. I have to be honest, my knowledge of the Old Testament is Sunday School Stories taught to me in Children’s Sunday School and what I taught kids in Children’s Church when I worked at FBC Nacogdoches for a while. {And I learned A LOT then}

In The King, we follow Samuel to the anointing of Israel‘s 1st King, Saul. We follow his journey, his triumphs and failures. {All still from the view of this nameless falling angel} Of course we see the anointing of David and his triumph against Goliath, and his escape from Saul. We also see Hades, as it is called, for the 1st time.

I have to admit, I knew some of the stories told but not the over arching story of Saul and David’s life. As I read I would ask my hubs, “did that actually happen?” Of course Travis is reading this same material in his Scriptures One course at the moment, so it is fresh on his mind. Some times his opinion on how an event happened would be different from the author but over all it would be sound.

If your interested in Old Testament Stories, I recommend this book. If you’re a brain like my husband and know everything about everything, I don’t recommend this book, I am sure you would disagree and become frustrated that the story isn’t 100% straight from the Bible, there are inclusions of our demon’s interactions with Satan.

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