Project 365: Week 13

Lots of pictures of Asher this week! We did a lot and we kept him busy! Enjoy!



Today we visited our friend Lindsey, this photo is a great summery of how our afternoon went. Asher would go after a ball and Lindsey would go after Asher. There were many tuck and rolls. Needless to say we took a bath when we got home and the water was like mud! But we had a great time and are now sleeping!


So we are still exhausted from playing with Lindsey on Saturday. Oh the life of a puppy!


No lie. I have the cutest dog in the world! There are other dogs out there that are cute but mine is the cutest…{pretty sure he thinks I am the most amazing human on the planet as well}


Another successful play date with our new friend Lucy! We have out grown Shelby’s lap and have spilled over on to Travis’ lap/arm.


Mac for Life


Charlie was chilly so Travis turned on the heater for her and covered her up, sweet girl.


Welcome Spring!


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 13

    • He is very photogenic, and still believes he can fit in my lap but he is learning he doesn’t fit as well any more.

      PS we weighed him this weekend on our wii fit…26 lbs!

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