Puppy Play Date

This weekend, Asher had a play date with our friends pup named Lindsey! Lindsey is about a month older than Asher and is a Brittany Spaniel mix. The pups played all afternoon and the adults, we got to hang out and chit chat!

Asher spent most of his time chasing stuff the guys threw around the yard or defending himself from Lindsey! Above Asher was chasing after a ball, Lindsey after him and when he stopped {or slowed down} she toppled over him! This pretty much sums up the day!

Over the course of the afternoon they went through a lot of water and rolled out in the dirt! And by the end of the day they both needed a bath! At one point we couldn’t even tell Asher was wearing a Baylor collar! It looked like a solid brown collar! I think he learned a lot about interacting with other dogs and how to play! We slept all the way home!

Play dates are the best! {we have another play date this week!}


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