Project 365: Week 9

This week will end my Joy of Love Challenge for the month of February, and I will pick up just taking a photo a day again.

Joy of Love


Bromance or Buddy, this is Asher and Charlie. They don’t always get along but I can tell they want to. Sadly their ideas on how to interact with one another are totally off from what the other wants. In time I hope to snap a photo of them really cuddling not just laying on the same piece of furniture.

Joy of Love


What they say, this one was tough. I almost photographed Travis’ favorite verse and then thought about Asher barking, which is rare. But I wanted another Charlie photo…here she is saying, “Thanks for the treat mom but I want dinner.”

Joy of Love


The Future: I am very much a control freak, I like everything planned and organized WAY in advance. My hubby on the other hand lives by the seat of his pants, and so far very few of the plans WE have made since being married have worked out. {the big ones at least} So our future is fairly uncertain in some ways and very certain in others. We know were we want to live and we know we want to live our lives serving God.

March 1, 2011

My Charlie girl, very much a girl. Someone I can spoil with pink!

March 2, 2011

Asher (minus the cone of shame)

I have a funny angle on him here but was trying out the “pet” setting on my point and shoot Olympus camera.


Hide and Seek Charlie


Apparently how Asher spends time alone, ordered a new one made of metal this time. (Bought him the one below! Maybe he won’t eat this one.)


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