Project 365: Week 8

Joy of Love


When they are gone; the house is quiet…no tv, no music, no running through the house, no squeaker toys, no asking for dinner constantly.

Joy of Love


When they are home; there is utter chaos at times; tv on, music on, squeaky toys being squeaked, “where is dinner” in 3 different {animal} languages.

Joy of Love


Hands, my hubby is very very busy. He is taking a very heavy load this semester to see if he {we} could handle getting a PhD…so he is constantly checking email, working on his iPad and reading for class.

Joy of Love


Portrait; I was supposed to take a portrait on a neutral background but this is the best I could do with my pup…my favorite portrait of my pup thus far!

Joy of Love


My Favorite Facebook Photo of the one I love; I took this photo of my Hubby on our honeymoon almost 4 years ago at the Portland Zoo in the Bird exhibit. As we neared the exit people where giving the nectar to other visitors because they didn’t have any luck getting the birds to land on them. My husband of course was given one of these cups of nectar. He actually has 4 birds on his right arm! One of the most memorable moments from our day at the zoo!

Joy of Love


Where; this is where me and my hubby got married 3.5 years ago on June 23, 2007.

{Where is this exactly some of you may be asking?? First Baptist Church of Nacogdoches, Texas. I was still in school for another year after we got married, and this is the church where we grew together during college.}

Joy of Love


When I love them the most; when Asher eats 90% of breakfast in one sitting!



It’s the little things in life that matter most!


2 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 8

  1. Thank You so much for the compliment!

    I got those at Petsmart when I had just picked up Asher from the shelter. They had a pink set I wanted SO badly, but then I remembered Asher was a boy! So, we went with blue instead!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

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