Sunny Lunch Hour

So yesterday, I got to go home at lunch to see Asher…and let him out of his crate and you know the what not. Well, it was so sunny and beautiful I thought it was about time for another Asher photo shoot! Not sure he finds these nearly as fun as I do! {it is also nice to document his growth} I am such a puppy momma…


Other than his horribly fraided collar…see image 2…I think they turned out well! In the last one he was SO ready to go in. That is his “Come on mom lets go in! I am tired!”

Oh, how about one more…

By the way on Friday, Asher is going to modeling the Baylor Fashion Design Students 4 legged designs! Sadly he will only be able to wear them this one time, as I am sure in a week he will be too large. It is merely luck he is the right size and they are photographing on Friday! {SO look forward to seeing those images next week!}


3 thoughts on “Sunny Lunch Hour

    • Thank You! Asher is quiet the heart breaker…The best advice I can give for photography is reading the manual and experimentation. Spend an afternoon learning how to change everything you can and then test it out in different types of lighting. Keep a notebook with which settings work in different light. Sadly, I do not have the gift of teaching. I learned a lot about photography via trial and error. Here is a website that helps my husband understand (somewhat) how a camera works.

      • Thanks for the link…checking it out now. I keep *meaning* to read the manual, but never actually sit down to do so. My biggest problem is always with lighting. I avoid using onboard flash like it’s the plague, but then my photos are always too dark. Sigh… One of these days I’ll take the time to learn. 🙂

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