Lucifer’s Flood by Linda Rios Brook, a review

I found this series on last fall and thought it sounded interesting. I especially enjoyed Tosca Lee‘s Demon, a memoir. And thought this would nicely compliment the theme of demons telling the story of creation, the fall and the history of biblical events. This is the 1st of a four book series call the Reluctant Demon Diaries. There are 2 stories within the book, a present day language scholar is approached via phone about an ancient scholar for translation, and the story in the scrolls. The story told by a demon about life before earth, before Lucifer became jealous and about his poor choice when war broke out in heaven.

Our little demon is nameless, but has the important job to watch over earth and report what he sees to Satan. He tries to help out and yell down to earth, guide humans in a direction of living with God and that life without Him is meaningless, but it is futile. He witnesses it all. And is amazed by human faith, belief and trust in God.

Lucifer’s Flood covers before time in Heaven to the time when the Hebrews were held as slaves to the Egyptians.

I have really enjoy this book and have already started the next book, Deliverer. It is supernatural and fiction based on biblical events. This is the author’s interpretation of the events that could have taken place between Genesis 1:1 and verse 2. It is speculation but it is a good read.


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