Project 365: Week 7


Joy of Love

Charlie has the most beautiful sea green eyes.


Joy of Love

Routine; we try {TRY} to go to the park every weekend and walk and afterwards this is what Asher does. Poor Charlie always looks at me like,”you brought him back?!”


Joy of Love

Wedding Bands; our wedding bands and my engagement ring…I practically had to threaten to cut off his finger to take this photo. He kept saying,”Can’t you take a picture of my ring ON my finger?”



Joy of Love

He SO didn’t want his photo taken, especially being kissed. I think this goes to show you need a good cooperative subject as well as a patient {or sneaky} photographer…

Travis and I met the summer of 2004 working at a Christian camp in East Texas. He was a counselor and I was the camp photographer. We were both there all 10 weeks and actually knew each other by name at the end. I knew he was at Stephen F Austin, were I was going to be attending in the fall but didn’t think I’d ever really see him again. Until I ran into him at the Grocery store after moving into my dorm. We also discovered we were taking the same US History class. We started dating shortly after that and then got engaged within 5 months of dating! We were married in June of 2007, after Travis graduated with his Bachelors degree. I had another year of school and graduated in August 2008, then we moved to Central Texas for Travis to pursue a Masters of Divinity from Seminary. We have had a lot of weird married things happen to us, we had a leak in our roof in our 1st apartment and slept in our living room for a month, then when we moved to Central Texas our apartment we were renting wasn’t ready for us to move in so we lived in our Landlord’s pool house for 3 months and when we did move in we didn’t have hot water in our shower for another month and a half. Since moving out of there we have had a tree fall in our backyard, need a new range because the one in our house was so old it stopped closing, we were robbed this past Christmas and had to attend 3 funerals since being married.

I love my husband. We have been through a lot. I thank God for him everyday.


Joy of Love

Together; After sneak attacking my husband into the previous photo he absolutely refused to be in this one. Good thing I have more than one person I love in my house! Asher even looked at the camera for me! {Asher likes the camera a little too much, it clicks and flashes lights at him. He thinks it would make a good toy for him to play with!}


Joy of Love

Me and Hubby staying watching a movie…our favorite way of staying in!


Joy of Love

Hubby and I out at the Baylor Baseball Season Opener! Sic ’em Bears!


One thought on “Project 365: Week 7

  1. All the photos are fantastic. Besides the cute photos of Asher and Charlie, my favorite is the one of your legs/toes. It matched perfectly with your “Staying In” caption. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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