Project 365: Week 6


Day 5

Love to hate; Travis using every possible glass in the house instead of cleaning one out and using the same one over again.



Joy of Love Challenge

Generations; this photo is of Travis’ Generations

Grandpa Clarke, S. Clarke, and Travis (on our wedding day!)


Joy of Love Challenge

Who They {my husband} love, his wife {me} and our pup, Asher!


Joy of Love

Gift from the heart; Travis’ gift to me for Christmas in 2008, wasn’t just my camera. It was the gift of expressing myself. Everyday and every time I use it I am so grateful for a husband who lets me express myself differently!


Joy of Love

Passions/Hobbies; Travis {i wouldn’t say love but} ADORES U2. We literally have almost everything ever made…at least it feels that way some times.


Joy of Love

Space; This is Charlie’s space, our Green recliner in the living room. It is a great place to for her to get away from Asher…not that she would ever need to get away from puppy!


Joy of Love

Dreams; to move to the Northwest. {I plan on re doing this image later, as a real photograph not a screen shot}


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