My 5 Pet Peeves of Pet Owners

1) Plush Toy toys are NOT for tug of war!

After searching for a new plush toy for Asher on, I finally would have to give up and get off the site from stupid people who would rate an item poorly because they played tug of war with a plushy fox toy against their 80+ lbs boxer mutt. Well, of course it won’t last! Get them a rope and play tug of war with that! Stuffed animals aren’t made to be tugged at in every direction. duh! {also don’t let then chew on it like it is a bone. Get a bleached bone, I prefer those without stuffing, and introduce it with Peanut Butter. These bones last a LONG time (almost forever) and are re-stuffable with peanut butter.}

2) Retractable leashes are a pain for pet owners who actually restrain how far our animals can go on a leash.

I think I hate retractable leashes more than people who let their dogs off leash. Most of the animals I have seen off leash at the park are well-trained and come back to their masters when called. If the animal is on a retractable leash they don’t usually respond to the owner and pull and pull.  I have heard of a gal who was walking her dog on a regular {non retractable} leash at a local park when all of a sudden a dog came out from over a hill on a retractable leash. The owner of the dog on the retractable leash could not control her dog and the button on her retractable leash had broken. The girl scooped up her dog and turned her back to the approaching dog which did bite her lag but was coming at her dog with vengeance. I do not approve of the use of these leashes under any circumstances.

3) People that insist on petting my animal.

I understand people will want to pet my animal, but ASK me 1st {especially if you’re a stranger!} Yes, he is a puppy…but he is currently terrified of your size, smell and insistence on petting him. If this was my child I would be calling the police because you are totally creeping me out!

4) Your pet can’t read so read the instructions for them!

You need to know how to use your dogs toys, leash, collar, etc. You {as the owner} need to know when to take toys away and when to allow them to play with them and how to play them. When the package says, supervise your dog with this toy…or always supervise your dog when playing…take a hint and do that. That does not mean give it to them monitor them for 5 minutes and leave the room.

5) Pet owners that insist their PureBreed Puppy would out smart, out train and over all out do your mutt pup.

I haven’t ever had a purebred anything other than a 100% dog and 100% cat. Now, their breed is about 99% unknown other than what we can guesstamate. But we have had some smart mutts (Cocoa) and some dumb mutts (Evee, she just isn’t all there). Now there isn’t much I can do to determine if Asher will be a genius dog doing calculus or if he won’t be far off the tree from Evee. But through trial and error he does learn, but he is stubborn don’t mistaken stubbornness with dumbness. I have seen some dumb and I mean dumb purebred dogs and some dumb mutts. So don’t tell me my mixed breed dog {he is mixed because his breed is not recognized by the AKC} is dumb because he isn’t registered or doesn’t come from a long line of Show dogs. The most important thing is that my dog knows right from wrong and friend from foe.


I hope I haven’t offended anyone, but these are things that get on my nerves and you never know maybe now we can relate to these things and gab about other things that get on our nerves! 😉


3 thoughts on “My 5 Pet Peeves of Pet Owners

  1. I TOTALLY agree with the retractable leash! They are never good with any dog because they only retract so far and often times it still leaves a considerable length of leash for the dog to have freedom. Numerous times I have been in a pet store & the owner will be looking at something, meanwhile they dog is 2 aisles away with the retractable leash fully extended. People need to watch their dog just like parents watch their children. Before the days of living in a house & doing dog rescue, I used a retractable leash with my Cocker Spaniel and I will say that I hated them then. If a car was approaching I would have to let it retract fully, then reach down and grab the extra length to pull Sydney in closer to me so that I felt comfortable with a car or person with dog passing. And I don’t even remember how many times the retractable leash burned my leg. All in all, I think they are a horrible invention.

    Oh & I agree on your other portions as well, especially strangers petting your dog. Those are the same people that would whine & cause a lot of drama if your dog bit them and yet they don’t ASK to pet your dog first. I amazes me how people just walk up to a dog. Of course, with the types of dogs that I have at my house, I welcome people that are comfortable enough & not scared of pit bulls, but it is still the principle of respect.

  2. Great post. Retractable leashes are the worst. So many times we’ll be walking along in the park with Gus and are met by an overly anxious dog six feet ahead of their owner on a retractable leash. Grrrrrr….

    I love #5. So true! Gus is a mixed breed and so stinkin’ smart! Although, I may be a bit biased!

    P.S. Found your blog through WP keyword “dog” if you’re wondering why this odd person is commenting on your blog 🙂

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