Last Night

We thought Asher seriously hurt himself, only to find out his feelings were hurt.

I took him out to do his business outside but he didn’t want to come in, mind you it’s like 16 degrees. So, I put him on the tie out and let him hang out for about 5 minutes outside {I know better than to leave him outside for too long}. After his 5 minutes I go out to let him back in, which he was very excited about. So excited about he run up the step and into the backdoor before I could open it, thus rolling down on to the step then to the patio. {mind you he has done this before just not as hard} He kind of cried but I made him get himself up and get inside which he did all while crying. After we come inside he gets a belly rub and a good boy treat. He was waving all 4 feet at me with no problems, then I suggested “dinner”, as soon as he lifted his little self up he started to cry. He refused to put his right front foot down. I picked him up and he just laid against me. He wouldn’t even rest his foot on me.

Of course all we could think was great he has broken a bone in his wrist and now we have a vet visit, x-ray fee, cast/splint fee, another vet visit in a few weeks, another x-ray…etc. I babied him for a few moments then put him down, poured his dinner and went to the dining room to eat mine. He followed me in there slowly and just laid down. After we ate our dinner, Asher got up and limped his way to his food bowl where he actually ate all of his dinner in one sitting! {a miracle in its self} He put quiet a bit of weight on it during dinner, so I didn’t think it was broken. At most sprained but not broken. He limped his way around the house for most of the evening but was fine in an hour or so.

Silly pup, got his feelings hurt by running into the door.

Now, we wait at the door for Shelby to get there!


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