Project 365: Week 4


Shoot modled photos of Flawed Perfection’s Jewelry this morning! (look for the photos later this season!)



Today after our walk Asher and Charlie ran around the house a bit before surrendering to the forces of hunger and tiredness.


I bought this journal before we went to the Galapagos Islands this past summer, and I am about 3/4th of the way through it. I used to journal alot in HS and college but after I got married I all but stopped. My journal has really been a great way of remembering all that has happened in the past 5 months. And I believe helping me coop with all of our recent losses.


Asher is such a happy boy in the mornings! He is so excited to see us and play with us he usually doesn’t eat a lot of his breakfast. {It usually ends up in his Kong, when we have to leave for school and work} His favorite toy this morning was this dry squishy water ball. It was originally the cats and still on occasion Charlie will go after as well. He really likes it because he can fit it in his mouth and flex his jaw muscles on it! He also doesn’t care for laying on the hard wood floors. So I usually find his booty on a rug or a blanket that is draped down on the floor.


Asher on the couch after we watched RED. He is getting SO big! 8 lbs!


My evening treat after a long hard day. {in my brand new Vera Bradley mug from Ken!}


Artsy photo for the week. I turned on the camera on my iphone while it was laying flat on my desk with the camera on the screen side on and this is roughly what I saw. {edited with instagram}


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