Woe is…training a puppy

So we have had our little pup Asher for 3 1/2 weeks. For some reason I thought house training and what not came a lot easier than it has been.

In 1998 we (my family) got our first puppy. And my parents decided since we had just moved into a new house that this dog would need to be crate/kennel trained. The 1st night was horrible according to my mom. Cocoa just cried and cried. My mom ended up sleeping with her on the love seat, or at least that’s were me and my sister found my mom and cocoa the next morning. It didn’t seem to take Cocoa long to realize that to “potty” was to go outside and she eventually slept in her crate without any problems.

Fast forward to 2003, we adopt another black lab mix. This one is a bit more stubborn in her ways than Cocoa. But house breaking is still not but a few days in my mind and we learned quickly to not bite hands or feet.

If my memory serves me correctly Evee and Cocoa were crate trained in a month. I also want to say they both saw their crate as a safe place. And went to bed without asking after a few months. {i know, i know, Asher is only 9 1/2 weeks}

Now. Fast forward to 2011 and Asher. This is our first puppy, for my husband and I. And his very 1st puppy. When he was a kid they had adopted older, like one year old dogs. Not weeks old pups. Asher is a while new kind of patience. He is still going in the house and biting at everything. {i mean EVERYTHING. including himself}

I use “No” when he is in BIG trouble and a noise when I don’t want him to do something. Sometimes when he has things he shouldn’t I simply take them away without saying anything and put it away. If he goes for it again i pop him on the booty and say no calmly. We are using the words “leave it” and “off” so when we do have puppy classes these words won’t be new.

I have read the articles, I have bought the bitter apple spray stuff. Crating at night is actually going really well in comparison to the biting. But it is the housebreaking we are having trouble with. I take him out at night (after we go to bed) and I get up early with him in the morning. {if you thought I wasn’t a morning person you haven’t seen some people with a puppy in the morning} I feed him and play with him, by the way he is up at like 6 every morning. We also go out after EVERY nap. And after we eat breakfast or dinner. But sometimes he doesn’t tell us he needs out or sometimes he wants out and never goes. I work from 8-5 monday thru friday and in the winter the sun isn’t up til 7 and sets about 6. I refuse to walk him in the dark. {especially after what happened to our home over the break, and he isn’t big enough to scare anyone yet}

The newest thing he does that gets on some nerves is he wants to go outside in the backyard just to play. Well, 1) it’s 30 degrees out 2) it is dark and I can’t see my whole backyard 3) we have skunks and feral cats, i prefer that he not play with 4) their isn’t a lot of patience for that at the moment. BUT, i cannot bring myself to get mad at him because he wants to play in the backyard. I can’t!

I know he needs his exercise but how do we squeeze this into our schedule? Should we run around the house? should we run around the backyard for an hour before dinner?

My mom did a lot of the house training on Cocoa and Evee when I lived at home. They are happy and good dogs. I fear making Asher afraid of us and or not listening to us. I know he is only 9 1/2 weeks and there is a lot of time for training but I also know this early can make  HUGE impact on him in his life! Sometimes I don’t feel confidant to train him or what I should do.


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