Project 365: Week 2


I picked up Travis from his Imaginative Preaching Retreat in Kerrville. We stopped in Llano for BBQ and then found the park and ate while Asher played with leaves and bugs. On the drive back we loved looking at the Big, Wide and Open sky.


Now, I didn’t take this picture but I think it needs to be included in my 365 photos of the year. It was snowing at my parent’s home in Tyler this afternoon. This is my dad in the snow!


Asher’s favorite place to be when we are home is on the love seat watching tv with us…he likes to snuggle between us and stay nice and toasty…especially since it has been in the 20’s and 30’s the last few nights!


Today I sported my knitted ear warmers that “Santa” got me for Christmas…the high was in the 30’s and the low was 19 degrees!


Today we/Travis picked this up at the police station. It was some of our stuff that was used as evidence. We didn’t get a lot back; external hard drive, modem, mail and the foot pedal from the RockBand drum kit.


Today, Travis had school all day so I came home at lunch to let Asher out…we snuggled some too!


Happy Spoon!


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