All About Asher…

Well, we have had our little Asher for a little over a week now. He is so cute and precious and cute….and SO full of energy! When I brought him home last Monday, all he wanted to do was sleep. No playing, no exploring, no eating…just sleep and he did thankfully. And now that he has been with us for a week and he is finding his way around the house {chasing Charlie is a new favorite game} and doing laps in the backyard, he has discovered his puppy energy.

Last night it was about 30 degrees {this is VERY cold for Texas} and this little dude wanted to run laps in the backyard…it didn’t help that some of the feral cats were out there and he wanted to play with them. But with a little calling out he comes back and ignores the cats…i wonder how long that will last?

And even if it is cold he does do a little running around in the yard but, you can tell when the cold gets to him. He keeps his tail down and actually physically shivers…now I know he is going to get bigger but should I get him a little shirt to wear? I hate to see him cold like that but he still has to go outside to do his business!

Since Travis has been home Asher’s new favorite spot to sleep while we are home is on the love seat in our TV room. He really likes to snuggle up between us and stay warm.  He is so funny to watch when he sleeps…he is a twitching machine! I don’t know who or what he is chasing but he is going after it ever time he takes a nap!

Asher is Travis’ first “puppy”. As a kid he had dogs but never a puppy as small or young as Asher. The first night he was home with Ash, he asked questions like, “Does he loose his baby teeth? Will he shed? When do we neuter him? When will he sleep through the night?” and so on…I only know the answer to a handful of his questions. I told him to research it online and then we would also ask the Vet when he goes for his next booster. I am very interested in how much weight he has gained since his last visit.

We have been crate training Asher and he is catching on. {i hope} The past 2 nights he has let me sleep until 3 am before needing to go out but when he come back in he is fired up and ready to play. I am pretty sure he thinks I am a Debbie Downer for putting him back in the crate. Then he needs out between 6-7 am. Not bad for an 8 week out pup! {i am impressed at least!}

By the way if you have any tips on house training or crate training??? email me! ShelbyLClarke (at) Gmail (dot) com -Thanks!

More Information about Asher…

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog Mix

Age: 8 Weeks

Weight: 4.1 lbs as of 1/4/11

Favorite toy: Rope


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