Project 365: Week 1


Saturday 1/1/11

this little guy has been roaming around our street for a few days. Today I feed him and tonight he is sleeping inside in a crate. {Charlie, my inside kitty is totally terrified of this little pup. Even the outside kitties don’t mind him}

Sunday 1/2/11

He has been named Jackson or Jacks for short by Haley! {Still trying to find him a home!}

Monday 1/3/11

Today I brought home Asher from the Hood County Animal Shelter. Asher means Happy Blessing in Hebrew.

Tuesday 1/4/11

Charlie investigating Asher. She isn’t a large cat but she looks huge compared to 4.1 lbs Asher!

Wednesday 1/5/11

Asher is slowly learning he doesn’t have to be on top of me to sleep…working on crate training!

Thursday 1/6/11

{do I really need to say anything? I mean…look at that face!}

Friday 1/7/11

I found these {an 8 pack} at our local feed store…guess I’ll pick up a pack every time I get dog food! 🙂


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