Meet Asher

Everyone, meet Asher. I light of all that has happened (house robbery and Sherwin’s death), we have adopted a puppy. When we found out about Sherwin’s condition and how little time he had left, along with the loss of Molly my guinea pig in the robbery we (Travis said I could) get a dog.

I started at, I wanted a puppy so maybe, just maybe my Charlie cat wouldn’t freak out. I found a litter of 10 Catahoula Leopard puppies at the Hood County Animal Shelter in Granbury.

I called and found out they were 7 weeks old and had been at the shelter a week. I got Travis’ approval to go and pick him up! (We agreed on a boy since Sherwin was male) I called the Animal Control Officer back and told her I was on my way from Waco and wanted one of the puppies. When I got there only one other pup had been adopted and it was a female so the little boy we saw online got to come home with me.

When I picked our little pup up we (mainly because we didn’t exactly plan on getting him so soon) didn’t have a name selected, after FaceTiming on our iPhones that night it was agreed his name would be Asher. Hebrew for Happy Blessing, which is exactly what we need right now.

He is a Catahoula Leopard dog (mix, because we don’t really know what is in all those blood lines of his). He has one Blue and one Brown eye and is always a step behind you. He loves his rope. It has been quiet a trip just the 2 of us, Travis can’t wait to meet the little guy. I may attempt to walk him tonight, so he can see the neighborhood and smell the smells.

We went to the Vet yesterday and got a good bill of health! And he is gaining his appetite back after our long car ride home to Waco.


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