Christmas 2010

2010 went out with a bang…and it’s not even new years yet!

We had all my family at our house this year for Christmas despite being robbed the week before. My sister and her boyfriend came in on Christmas Eve in time for lunch and then my mom and dad arrived in time for dinner! We had lasagna! I really felt horrible that our thieves took Chad’s gift. We had nothing to give him and I know he went out of his way to get us a gift, as he had also bought one for mom and dad as well. Thankfully we had a little something to give everyone else.

It was a Vera Bradley Christmas for me and Haley, we each got a large duffel and a small duffel in coordinating prints along with a curling iron cover…which we actually bought for each other! Mom got me the VB mail box with stationary and the over night bag. Haley also gave me another journal, she knows I enjoy writing!

Dad did buy me a special gift. {my parents are so sweet. they make sure me and Haley have the same number of gifts each year} So I had one more than Haley. My dad bought me a new leather purse from Fossil. Since all but 3 of my purses were stolen. It is red leather and has a magnetic closure. It’s pretty awesome and my dad is really good at buying purses!

Since they stole some of Travis’ Astros hats, my dad gave Travis his Orange Houston Astros hat from the 70’s. Now, dad promised to give this to Travis one day…and since the week before had been tough, Dad felt this was a special circumstance and that Travis deserved the batting helmet. (Which we are proudly displaying at home)

Speaking of Travis, he gave me the Lineage of Grace book by Francine Rivers and the {500} days of Summer soundtrack. (I really love the song on there by The Temper Trap)

All in all it was a good Christmas, surrounded by people we love and that love us. Gifts weren’t necessary but they seemed to be perfect. Take the duffel bags I received, our thieves took my luggage but left Travis’. Now I have 2 new duffel bags to replace the 2-3 bags I used to travel.

With everything that has happened over the past week, Christmas may have been the most stressful thing for our cats. Poor Charlie was scared of Chad. She calmed down quiet a bit after everyone left on Christmas day. And is back to sleeping in her spot on the couch. Sherwin on the other hand loved having the people over, but still isn’t a huge fan of my grandmother’s dog, a toy Pomeranian. I also would like to take him to the vet but since our thieves visited they took the cat carrier with them…strange I know.

I do have a nice stack of books to read in 2011.

The Reluctant Demon Diaries (3 book series) by Linda Rios Brook

Tandem by Tracey Bateman

In Constant Prayer, part of The Ancient Practices Series by Robert Benson

The Liturgical Year, part of The Ancient Practices Series by Joan Chittister

a Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers

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