Recently, our lives have been turned upside down.

This past weekend, I had the JOY of watching my baby sister graduate from College. A BA in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations. {She is one smart cookie!} I also had the privilege of doing some graduation photos of her with friends and her boy, Chad. Some 500 photos later we headed back to Lufkin to spend time with my in laws before coming home.

Sunday afternoon when we arrived at home, I knew something was wrong. Our blue recycling bin was gone and our green one was moved in front of our garage. I noticed when I got out of the car (I was driving) that there wasn’t any mail or packages (we were expecting Travis’ school books from amazon). As I walked around the back of the house along the garage, I noticed a cat that looked a lot like Charlie. Then when it stood and I was the tail I knew it was Charlie. When I looked around the back of the house I saw the back door WIDE open. The drawers were pulled out of the dresser in the back room and stuff was strone everywhere. Charlie went in and Sherwin was right behind her. I shut the door as Travis came around the side of the house. I told him to “Call the police. NOW.”

I have no idea how long it took the police to get there. For me it felt like an hour. We asked our neighbors in that time if they saw or noticed anything different or out of place over the weekend. Sadly, most of them were working and were not at home on Saturday night. I was planning on working the next week but I couldn’t imagine going to work when my house and our property had been violated. I phoned my co worker and asked her to call our boss/supervisor to let her know I would not be coming in. Of course my boss called me wanting to know that we were ok. We also went around and peeked through the windows to see if we could tell what was missing. While looking through the windows in the back I stepped on something…it wasn’t bothering me too much so I didn’t worry about it too much. Once the police arrived they cleared the house and I immediately came in and crated our cats…the back door was open again.

After the police cleared the house, my very very kind co worker came to the house. She knew I was upset and acted as a surrogate mother. Once I was able, really after the police and CSI left, I made my way inside to assess what was taken (jewelry etc). I was really really worried about certain pieces of jewelry given by family and my husband over the years. Thankfully they left my jewelry that was sitting on top of my dresser along with the necklaces just above them on the wall. They did take my jewelry box from my top drawer along with the one in the closet. They took my suitcase which was where I stored my handbags. They left our social security cards and passports but they took my dear pet. A guinea pig named Molly.

The thief’s took a lot. And then in some cases they took very random and weird things. They left power cords to the computer, they took the modem but left the printer etc. Of course they took the gifts under the tree, except the gift baskets for our moms and a picture frame for my father. They didn’t look in or even check our stockings, which held gifts. They looked under the mattresses or at least attempted to (our mattress in the master is a heavy foam mattress). They left all our Wii games and forgot to take the last half of the blu ray dvds.

I think the funniest thing I found was they took the cat nip bag out of the cabinet…I assume they thought it was drugs…had they noticed the rest of the house (including the 2 nativity sets, the baby Jesus on top of the tree or the stacks and I mean stacks of bibles) they would have realized it was not drugs. We ended up barricaded our back door with a dresser and our dishwasher (movable).

Anyways, we immediately decided not to sleep or stay at the house Sunday night. Travis phoned some friends that were more than happy to house us and our kitties. The car was already packed up so all we needed was to get kitty stuff. We all stayed up and watched The Philadelphia Story, a favorite of ours. It was then that I realized how badly my foot was hurt. I actually stepped on a nail out in the backyard. I cleaned it up but it was swollen and hurt a bit more than I originally noticed. Travis and I ended up sleeping on the floor that night but I cannot describe the happiness that swelled up in my heart when I woke up that night to see Charlie sleeping in front of me.

On Monday, we came back to the house and began the clean up process. It was easier and quicker to clean than I thought all the messes were contained to their original rooms. We did decided to wash everything, all the clothes on the floor and eventually all the sheets as well. Our landlord’s wife came to assess damages and help us out. While she was here we heard this strange noise from the back room. Travis soon realized there was something in the chimney that we never use…I am not sure our landlord would have believed what happened next had she not been there. I guarded myself with the fireplace cover and ash scooper, the landlord with a piece of the door frame. Travis opens the flute and out comes a….squirrel. And boy did he want out of that chimney. Thankfully he didn’t need much guidance to the outdoors and left swiftly!

My mom and dad arrived in the afternoon from Bryan. They went to help my lil sister move into her new apartment. I know she wanted nothing more in the world to be with us but I also know the joy of making a new place your own. {She comes to visit soon though!} My mom ended up staying through today (Wednesday). And my father in law came in town. He kindly helped us get some technology, including a new television and computer. {although my images are practically gone for ever}

Tuesday, the contractor came and replaced our backdoor and frame.

I did go visit the dr today. I got a Tetanus shot and a dr note for missing this past week of work.


One thought on “Lately…

  1. Shelby,
    i’m so sorry to hear about your loss. i can only imagine how devestating it would be to feel so violated. i hope that you guys are able to feel peace soon.

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