Creative Spotlight: Flawed Perfection Jewelry


Everyone say hi to Megan!

I am going to be doing some modeled photos of Megan’s work this January, so I thought it would be nice to familiarize my readers with her and her work before I start showing off  beautiful images of her beautiful jewelry…mainly so everyone knows where to go to buy all her beautiful creations. {I am smitten with her designs! and I think you will be too!}


When did you start making jewelry?
I started making jewelry when I was 10 years-old after I received a glass bead set for Christmas. When I was 16, I started making gemstone jewelry, and have been doing it ever since! It wasn’t until about a year ago though when I started making my cluster designs!


Where are you from and do you think the places you go influence your designs?
I am from San Diego, CA. I grew up there and still live there while I am going through college at Cal State San Marcos. I do think the places I go influence my designs! I’m so close to both the ocean and the mountains, and am constantly inspired by San Diego. I have traveled quite a bit as well, so I am inspired by the places I’ve traveled to as well. My grandparents have a condo in Maui and I am particularly inspired by the colors of Hawaii since everything is bright and colorful 🙂

Beautiful, fun and professional! {i am sure we ALL have an outfit that Megan’s beautiful pieces could accent!}


How did you come up with the name for your company?
Honestly, one day the name just popped into my head! However, I decided to keep that name because I thought it represented the natural element of my designs. “Flawed Perfection” to me means that each design contains beads that have natural flaws, but when they are combined to form the final design, they become perfection! Therefore, my tag line “from natural flaws…to design perfection.” I think that gemstones should be celebrated for their natural beauty.


What are some of your favorite pieces?
Oooo, this is hard! If I had to narrow it down, one of my favorites is the Clearly Mini Necklace! I LOVE the mini version of the regular size cluster pendants. Also, I really like the Confetti Cluster Earrings in Clear. I think these are the perfect go-to earrings because you have all your colors covered in one pair of earrings! A final favorite is any of the Molecule Bracelets! They are so fun to stack–I usually wear 3 or more at a time!


What is your favorite color or colors?
I’m a fan of pretty much every color, although I do have a few that I’m a bit obsessed over! First and foremost, I LOVE grey!!! In almost any shade, in everything from clothing to accessories to home decor! Also, I really like blues, greens, and teals. Sea colors are definitely a favorite! I’m a fan of fuchsia, plum, and raspberry too!
What is the most satisfying thing about making handmade products?
I love being able to connect directly with customers and have them know exactly who made the piece they are buying, as well as the story behind the design and brand. Also, because I use natural gemstones, I enjoy being able to sell an item that is slightly different every time! And, the customers actually appreciate that natural variation! Plus, the handmade community is sooo sweet and welcoming, so I have being able to interact with such amazing, talented people all the time!
Besides making jewelry what else do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Well, I do spend A LOT of time making jewelry, but when I decide to do something else, I enjoy flower photography, as well as any other crafts! I also like to frequent antique stores and interior decorate!
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Twitter: @meganluvsjewels

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